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Little bikes

BIG adventures on your very own Swiss Grand Tour!!

Self-guided tours with an emphasis on FUN!

Whether you choose to do an easy Scooter or Motorcycle hire for a quick city break in and around Geneva, or whether you want to tour Switzerland with its astonishingly beautiful mountain peaks, deep valleys, sublime mountain passes, historic villages, pristine lakes, or travel even further afield into the rest of Europe, it’s up to you. Neighbouring France, and within a few hours, Austria, Italy, Germany, and Lichtenstein are on your doorstep and all offer amazing touring scenery, medieval villages, mountain passes, beguiling scenic vistas, and cultural highlights.

All of this on a very capable little scooter!
It is all about having fun while travelling as fast(ish…) or as slow as you like. The little bikes are the perfect fun companion for your travels – ideal to take in the scenery at a slower pace or to meander through little village streets and paths. Be prepared to experience waves and admiring glances as you travel through the villages and towns on your little adventure machine.

The Bikes

Honda CT125

Style: Trail

Weight: 120 Kg (265 pounds)

Fuel Range: ~ 350 Km (220 miles)

Honda ANF125i

Style: Scooter

Weight: 105.5 kg (233 pounds)

Fuel Range: ~ 200 Km (124 miles)

Where to Travel

Tour schedule planning

At Little Bike Tours, we believe that planning your own tour adds to the anticipation and excitement and allows for the precise ‘tailor-made’ holiday or trip.  We all have different ideas of ‘the perfect tour’ and so we encourage everyone to plan their tour around what they want to see or experience. This also naturally brings a great sense of achievement as well.

Switzerland (and Europe) has so much to offer and there really is ‘something for everyone’.  Whether it be a cultural tour visiting great cities or towns, taking in historic sights and museums, or traversing amazing mountain passes and valleys soaking in the fresh air and outstanding scenery, it’s entirely up to you.  In just a few days, one could travel from the heights of the Swiss alps, to Italy and Lake Como, then on to the stunning lavender fields of French Provence, next to lake Annecy for a swim in Europe’s clearest (and to many, the most stunning) lake, and then back to Geneva, Switzerland.

Some people like Hotels, others are happy with B&B’s and still others want to experience wild camping in some rural wilderness. It really is up to you.
Naturally, we can help with general advice, places to see etc, but it is all about you and what you want and traveling at your own time and pace.  Please see our recommended sights and place-of-interest here, there is something for everyone.


I’ve ridden motorbikes for over 30 years and owned several large ‘adventure bikes’, BMW, Honda and Yamaha mainly. But I must admit, doing a small ‘adventure’ ride on these scooters was unexpectedly, an absolute hoot! I don’t think I have ever laughed so hard while riding before. It was hilarious! We were a small group and we all had a great time. At first it felt ridiculous as they are so small compared to our usual rides, but after a few minutes, you get into the swing of things and simply enjoy the slower pace. It was huge fun and we all thoroughly enjoyed our 4-day trip. Would absolutely recommend it. In fact, thinking of doing a small ‘reunion’ scooter adventure trip with my old school mates – now THAT will be hilarious!!


I never realised just how much fun you can have when not taking things seriously… I really never expected to be grinning and laughing quite as much as I did. The idea of a small bike for an adventure – a scooter at that – at first seems odd, but I must confess, I am now a convert!! We had an awesome time and the whole trip really changed my perspective on what ‘adventure riding’ really is all about. I genuinely am looking to add to my garage now and buy my own one to compliment my ‘proper’ bike for days of fun. Thanks Little Bike Tours!


My other half convinced me to do a small bike tour – each on our own scooter (normally for our bigger riding trips, I’m on the back of his bike) and I’m glad I listened to his pestering. Took me a while to get used to the riding position – never ridden a scooter, only ‘normal’ motorbikes, but that soon passed and I began to settle into the bike. On our trip, we toured the Swiss Neuchatel lake region and camped at various campsites in the region. I was actually quite surprised as to the number of other bikers that came over at petrol stations or campsites asking about the bikes (LBT had actually warned us of this… ????). They were all rather amused as to the cargo we had on them and the idea in general. As were we!! We had an amazing time and I will definitely do it again. Next time I will go further afield now that I know what it’s all about and how much fun it was. Highly recommended.


Great fun and great service from Little Bike Tours. Wasn’t expecting to have as much of a good time as I did. These guys really do prove you don’t need a modern big adventure bike to have a great deal of fun or to travel decent distances with. Toured the French alps region for 3 days over a long weekend. Saw many charming villages, mountain passes and enjoyed some really good food. Will definitely do it again.


Had a free day in Geneva and decided to rent a scooter for the day to do some local sightseeing in and around Geneva and the lake area. It was great fun and scooters really are very cool for city riding. The scooter was in good condition and was faultless all day. The guys at Little Bike Tours were very helpful and everything was easy and smooth. A great day!


Loved it. We did a 2-day sightseeing trip to the Swiss Valais area and stayed 1 night in a B&B. The scooters were quite good fun. I do not think I would have taken the lake road on Lake Geneva with a bigger bike as I’d usually use the motorway, but on the scooter, we got to see lots of really nice little villages and roads with hardly anyone on them. The bike was a bit underpowered up the bigger passes but then again, expected as I’m a large-framed chap. The laugh going down made it worth it though! Alan was really helpful and whole process was super smooth. Will do it again and definitely recommend it.