The Bikes

The indomitable, nimble, uber-reliable and extremely fun Honda ‘Cub’ series motorcycles.


The Bikes

We carefully considered many different small-capacity bikes, and in the end, there was a clear winner – the indomitable, nimble, uber-reliable and extremely fun Honda ‘Cub’ series motorcycles.

There are 2 main styles in this series – ‘Scooter’ and ‘Trail’. Both however are from the same ‘family’ of motorcycles and share many of the same underpinnings, the Trail version is the newer model and has a slightly beefier suspension and larger fuel range. They operate in the same manner however and generally share the same engine and transmission layout and output.

The bikes are easy to ride and the 4-speed selectable transmissions are well suited to the various tasks at hand. Unlike most small 125cc scooters/bikes, the Honda ‘cub’ series of bikes have semi-automatic gearboxes, allowing the rider to manually select gears – just like normal motorbikes / manual cars etc. The difference being, there is no clutch. Simply press the gear lever to select the gear and the bike does the rest. For starting from standstill select first gear, then simply twist the throttle and the bike will go – no clutch needed. The ability to select gears is especially useful in mountainous/hilly areas when encountering long climbs or descents or when travelling with a load.

Both the ‘scooter’ style Honda ANF125i, or the new ‘trail’ style Honda CT125i are available for maximum fun and reliable travel enjoyment. Both motorcycles are very capable little machines that will take you virtually anywhere you want to go (a little slower obviously… ????) and are able to carry a surprisingly large load easily and safely on your travels.

Key Features

The key features which set them apart from other small-capacity ‘scooter’ motorcycles are:

  1. Reliable, efficient fuel-injected 125cc engine.
  2. Large, spoked wheels offering maximum comfort and safety.
  3. Semi-automatic 4-speed transmission (Mr. Honda originally designed the
  4. motorcycle to ride while carrying a bowl of noodles… true story!!).
  5. Front disc brake for added safety.
  6. Feature electric push-button and kick-start options.
  7. Easy to operate for maximum ‘fun’ factor.
  8. Legendary Honda reliability and durability.


Fuel Consumption

In a word…. FRUGAL!!  The advantage of little bikes is they achieve a little over 1.5 litres/100 Km (160 MPG) which allows for extremely cheap travel fun.

At current prices, the scooters can be fully fuelled for the same price as a cup of coffee and the Trail 125 for a coffee and croissant (larger tank)!!

Actually, one could travel from Geneva to Saint-Tropez on the Med – for the price of….  3 cups of coffee!!  Bargain!

For the more determined adventure riders, we can also provide a small 5 litre jerry can which doubles the range of the bikes between fuel stops for those long-riders out there.

Luggage carrying

Using the attached lockable large rear luggage box, soft side pannier bags or even strapping a suitcase to the rear seat (yes, it’s been done…), you should be able to travel with all your luggage requirements.  While the general perception is the bikes are ‘small’, they are surprisingly adept at carrying a large load.

We’ve had many an admiring glace from the ‘large’ adventure bike riders…

*cough* looking at you Mr. BMW GS rider… *cough* ????

We also provide weatherproof soft pannier bags and can even provide camping equipment for the more adventurous travellers out there.


The motorcycles have a maximum speed of approximately 100 Km/h (96 Mph), however travelling at this speed is not recommended.  The motorcycles comfortably travel at the national ‘B’ road limit of 80 Km/h (50 Mph) which is the recommended roads for these categories of motorcycles.  Besides – the ‘B’ roads offer so much more and are way more fun than the motorways!!

Remember, It’s about the ride – not the destination!

While the motorcycles are legal to use on motorways in most countries, this is not recommended, and we strongly advise against this.  Further details are motorway legality is available here: Regulation of motorcycle access on freeways

Bike Specifications

Honda CT125 (Trail Style)
  • Engine size: 125cc, Fuel Injection, Single cylinder
  • Weight: 120 Kg (265 pounds)
  • Seat height: 800mm (31.5 inches)
  • Ground Clearance: 165mm (6.5 inches)
  • Fuel Capacity: 5.3 litres
  • Fuel Range: ~ 350 Km (220 miles)
  • Starter: Electric & Kick
Honda ANF125i (Scooter Style)
  • Engine size: 125cc, Fuel Injection, Single cylinder
  • Weight: 105.5 kg (233 pounds)
  • Seat height: 800mm (31.5 inches)
  • Ground clearance: 139mm (5.5 inches)
  • Fuel Capacity: 3.7 litres
  • Fuel Range: ~ 200 Km (124 miles)
  • Starter: Electric & Kick